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Welcome to our website www.pdfassignment.com

Introduction :

I  am Ranjit Kumar from Gaya Bihar. I am a Physics teacher in Kisan Inter College Gaya Bihar.

Various types of E-Books and Notes are available on this website in PDF File. E-books & Notes are very useful for students who self study . This website has been launched in 2023.

Our Mission : 

Our aim is that every poorest child can buy and study notes at a very cheap price. Every poor students can not study in the best  Institute, this website is very useful for those students. Any student can study anywhere through this website. It is not possible to carry books everywhere but if he has mobile and internet available, he can study anywhere.This type of facility, students will not waste our time.

Our Team : 

Our family has contributed a lot in running this website. Our teachers also have a lot of contribution as advisors.

Your Experience : 

I have been teaching for about ten years. Our Maths Formula Books have also liked by students for many years.

Social Responsibility : 


This organization provides free education to poor children. It has been seen that even poor children have their own talent. Our organization works to highlight this talent. This organization is working in many areas as you see in the image.

I have also founded Happy Science Foundation. Through this organization I make children aware of science.

I go from place to place doing science experiments and making children aware of science.Our aim is to drive away superstitions by making people aware about science.




Contact Information : 

At – Gaya Bihar

Email : kumarranjitrahi@gmail.com

Whatsapp/Contact No. – 9931058087

I hope that you will also cooperate with us.       Thank You 

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