8th Class Maths Formula


For :- B.S.E.B , C.B.S.E & Other Board


In this book ,  Formulas for all the chapters of 8th Class 1. Rational Number, 2. Exponents, 3. Squares and Square Roots, 4. Cube and Cube Roots, 5. Playing with Numbers, 6. Operations on Algebraic expressions, 7. Factorisation, 8.Linear Equations, 9.Percentage, 10. Profit and Loss, 11. Compound Interest, 12. Direct and Inverse Proportions, 13. Time and Work, 14. Polygons, 15. Quadrilaterals, 16. Parallelograms, 17. Construction Quadrilaterals, 18. Area of a Trapezium and a Polygon, 19. Three – Dimensional Figures, 20. volume and Surface area of solids, 21. Data Handling, 22. Introduction to coordinate Geometry, 23. Line Graphs and linear graphs, 24. Pie Charts and 25. Probability   are available.


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