9th Class Maths Formula


For :- B.S.E.B , C.B.S.E & Other Board


In this book ,  Formulas for all the chapters of 9th Class 1. Number Systems, 2. Polynomials, 3. Factorisation of Polynomials, 4.  Linear Equations in Two Variables, 5. Co – ordinate Geometry, 6. Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry, 6. Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry, 8. Triangles, 9. Congruence of Triangles, 10. Quadrilaterals in Geometry, 10. Quadrilaterals in Geometry, 12. Circle in Geometry, 14. Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals, 15. Volume and Surface Area, 16. Statistics and 17. Probability are available.


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